PDC part 2

(PDC) Permaculture Design Course
Summary information

Part 2 of a full permaculture design course, funded by the WEA as a stand-alone course.
Suitable for people those have already attended at least the first half of a PDC and wish to complete their permaculture design course certificate. Also suitable as a refresher for people who already have a certificate.

This week builds on the introduction to permaculture, ecological systems and their application provided in week 1 of this course. The focus of the week will be on applications in the home, garden, community and beyond. A 10-hour group design project is included.

For enquiries you can contact Tomas Remiarz on tomas.remiarz[at]yahoo.co.uk

Booking and further information
£142/ free for people on certain benefits
Dates and times
More dates and times information: 
start 10 am on Sunday 2nd, 9.30 all other days. Days finish at 5pm.
2 June 2013 to 8 June 2013
Tomas Remiarz
Venue information
Apprentice Teachers
Teacher apprentices: 
This course is open to offers from apprentice teachers wishing to gain teaching experience.

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