Pattern Understanding - maths, flowforms and the geometry of nature. Granada -Spain

Advanced Design Skills
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Looking deeper into ‘Pattern Understanding’ and its applications within Permaculture, as well as exploring the importance of the ‘Living Wisdom’ of the Indigenous People and Nature itself. Available to groups of 10 or more.

From fractals to flow-forms, from proportion to diversity, from circles to spirals, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from me to us, from pi to phi, from explosions to implosions and from unity to infinity. This course will be exploring how nature puts herself together, from the smallest relationships of matter and energy all the way to the hugest possible expressions of form that we can see or imagine. We also explore the similarities over these different scales through time and space, and see how these different perspectives combine to form an interconnected universal view.

It is not necessary to have completed your PDC or diploma in Permaculture. But please come with some understanding of Nature as the reality that we live in, that we are part of it, and that life is a gift. We are trying to study natures archetypes to understand the small pieces of the bigger picture as well as the ‘bigger picture’ itself, the Whole. We are not learning the secrets of Nature to work against Nature, but instead we are trying to use them to aid pre-existing natural processes and rehabilitate lost or destroyed ecosystems.

Many people find it hard to know how to recreate the randomness and anarchy of natural patterns and arrangements, which in its essence is actually profound order. This course will include many visual and practical elements including tips for ‘daily-life’ about how to bring this information into the designs of everything that we do. The theoretical classes will be balanced by a good selection of outdoor activities including designing on the land, with hands-on and interactive design processes.

The main teacher for this course will be Ras John Cresswell together with three guest teachers.

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Granada, Spain
€890 or €850 concessions
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Ras John Cresswell
Dates and times
11 November 2017 to 20 November 2017
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