Natural Building, hobbit home construction

Advanced Design Skills
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What can I expect from the course?

This practicum will be primarily hands on, making quick decisions and creatively collaborating to make a multi- functional building that will serve as a washroom, drying room, herb/ mushroom /fruit drying racks as well as a sauna and radiant heated relaxation space orientated towards the setting sun down the valley to the West of the property.

We aim to build roundwood timber framing to support a reciprocal roof that will be clad and turfed as a living roof. The walls will be in filled with strawbale and plastered with natural clay and lime renders. Using bottles and recycled glazing and other locally sourced materials/ waste we will learn how to design and build a low cost yet beautiful and functional building within a very short space of time.

Alongside daily building tasks we shall begin with theory and classroom time focused on appropriate building design in this and other climates, as well as any aspects of Permaculture design the group feel inclined to look into. We have the opportunity to use the evenings to study other areas of interest related to building, community and Permaculture, watch films to extend the learning or simply relax together in the community that we build during our time together.

Other topics will include;

• Eco-friendly house placement and design
• Energy efficient architecture
• Energy conservation/ Microclimate considerations
• Natural Plasters/ Paints/ Finishes
• Community Building
• Decision Making
• Leadership Development
• Aspects of Permaculture Design/ Integrated Systems thinking

A flavor of our work

Proposed build sketch

Booking and further information
Dates and times
8 June 2013 to 17 June 2013
Richard Perkins, Integralpermanence
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