Jean Pain heated glasshouse practicum, Sweden, May 2013

Advanced Design Skills
Summary information

A pioneering project and the first of its kind we are aware of. Get involved for this unique hands on practicum integrating theory and design as we create a year round cold climate BioIntensive production system for high quality local food.

Jean Pains unique composting methodology has been widely overlooked and misunderstood. During the practicum we will build the first functional integrated system for glasshouse heating and farmscale compost production.

The course will be very much hands on, but will also integrate various aspects of Permaculture design;

Local food marketing
Compost and compost teas
BioIntensive vegetable production
Integrative systems design
Wild foods

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Booking and further information
Dates and times
6 April 2013 to 20 April 2013
Richard Perkins, Integralpermanence
Venue information

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