Introduction to Permaculture in Nottingham

Introduction to Permaculture
Summary information

Held at the newly opened Ecocentre at Farmeco, Screveton near Nottingham. This is a one day information rich workshop that will introduce you to the fundamentals of permaculture design thinking. In the second half of the day, we will focus on the sustainable activities of the farm and how you can apply these techniques to your own situation whether you are urban or rurally based.

You will learn about:

+ the ethics and principles of permaculture
+ observation skills
+ useful design techniques
+ forest gardening
+ sustainable building design features of the ecocentre

In the evening, Farmeco invite you to join the community BBQ and clay shoot. You are welcome to camp overnight and enjoy the facilities of the Ecocentre. On Sunday perhaps you would like to take the farm trail supported by the RSPB.

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07866 181797
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£40 for the day
Dates and times
23 June 2012
Kevin Mascarenhas from Natural Flow
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