Introduction to Permaculture and low impact Sustainable Living

Introduction to Permaculture
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Many people have attended this course with a view to setting up their own sustainable Permaculture farm or communities in different countries of the world. They have been inspired by the innovative and low impact systems that we offer (see our testimonials page:
We have reached peak oil; now we are facing peak phosphorus and financial collapse in more different places.
Without phosphorus there can be NO FOOD. And it is now proposed to open massive potassium mines in Yorkshire. These are un-necessary when you consider the sustainable alternative.

One of our Permaculture definitions in connection with phosphorus and potassium reclamation:
Permaculture strives to build on natural systems with new found ways that are more efficient, resource saving and produce more all round benefits than previous ones. (progress).

Come and see Permaculture in action. Ethics and principals talked about in informal setting of the Farm house, with wide screen videos.Some practical experience too. – informal walks through our 3 acres mature woodland and forest garden, over the stream to our 1 acre Micro-farm which is home to our prospective solar powered straw bale pavilion. Our new Bee hives. We design our own polytunnels with water catchment and rocket stoves that make biochar and can be used for three other uses at the same time. Why we use raised beds on part of the Micro-farm and the
HH -2 moveable compost factory.
Approaches from: People Care to Animal Care to Land Care. Permaculture is the future. Julie Felix is our Patron.

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07983 439 171
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£55.00 each
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Richard Higgins
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Please wear suitable outdoor clothing. Course starts at 9.30 am and runs till till 4.30 pm. V/v Lunch and refreshments included. Full directions by car or train available upon receipt of your payment. Course offered at £55 - please email for payment advice to [email protected]
22 October 2013
Richard Higgins
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