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Ever wanted to heat your home and hot water WHILST producing brilliant compost? The combination of wanting to and thinking about it for too long, loving compost and crazy electric prices means that we are going to do something I have wanted to do for years.. Heat the whole farm with compost!!

We will make a Jean Pain Style (but with updates for modern understanding), woodchip based compost pile, connect it up to the plumbing and spend the rest of winter in our pants (the last bit is optional/invite only) but if you would like to join us for a few days, work hard, have great food, great conversation, learn about Henbant, Permaculture and Compost and even make some new friends then this is your chance.

This is a muck in, physical, very practical course. We will start on Friday the 11th of November and hopefully be all done by Monday the 14th. You would be most welcome to just join us for the Saturday/Sunday and for those we will keep the main teaching content to the Weekend itself. We are going to ask £60 for the weekend to cover food and materials but its really a donation more than a have to. You can camp/bring a van, or we may be able to find a bed for one or two of you if need.

Henbant is a beautiful, small, permaculture inspired and holistically managed farm between the mountains and the sea in North West Wales. We are on a mission to prove that you can buy a small farm on a mortgage, pay for it through producing nutrient dense foods, build soil, build biodiversity, build social capitol and at the same time enjoy it. If we can prove this works then we can do our bit at making the world a slightly better place.

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Tain Lon
United Kingdom

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Matt Swarbrick
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