Full Permaculture Design Course - ft. CHINAMPA (most advanced Aquaculture system in the world)

Full Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
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We are so proud to announce, that no other than the brilliant Rodrigo Lañado Cruz will come to Austria to teach a full certified PDC-Course!!!

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What do you learn during this course?
- HOW TO MAKE & MAINTAIN A CHINAMPA (most sophisticated aquaculture system in the world)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- How to design your garden or farm according to Permaculture Principles
- Whole Farm Planning /Property Management Planning
- Earthworks & Soil Renovation techniques and machinery applications
- How to repair eroded and depleted landscapes
- Designing for different Climatic Zones
- Starting a Permaculture Business
- And so much more...

How can you implement the gained skills from this Certificate into your life?
- create solutions for your daily life (by adapting it to your individual needs)
- the 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course also entitles you to instruct basic Permaculture-related courses

More information about the teacher:

Rodrigo graduated in
International Commerce, in Guanajuato State University
and Biology, Harvard University in 2013

Since 2009 he has been attending a vast variety of Courses on Permaculture related subjects like:
Chinampa Agricultural Systems, Land Restoration and Potential use of soils, Biofuel Productions Systems, etc.
So far he has taught over 5000 people on Permaculture, courses on sustainability and courses related to natural building. He has instructed more than 600 permaculture and natural construction related courses and completed over 700 Permaculture Property Management Plans. Within many other ongoing projects, he is also in charge of the Bio-Gas Project for the New International Airport, Mexiko City.
References: http://hombresdemaiz.com.mx/categoria/permacultura/

Booking and further information
Boschanstraße 12, 2483 Weigelsdorf, Austria
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Carlos Trejo
Dates and times
30 September 2017 to 13 October 2017
Rodrigo Lañado Cruz
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