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Integralpermanence is offering this powerful and engaging Full 72 hr Permaculture Design Course, in association with Transition Town Leamington- open for general public too!

Design work on several exciting projects in the local area, and based at the lovely Canalside CSA site during the course. By actively engaging in a real design you have participated in creating you will be able to embody skills and understanding much more deeply, as well as enjoy living simply together on the land and exploring various aspects of community living.

We shall explore the full range of topics covered in the standard Design Course, with lots of extra activities exploring community building, decision making, power sharing and other relevant topics the group wishes to explore.

Accompanied by films, talks and skill shares in the evenings this course is a life changing event for everyone that takes part in the course. Fast paced and intensive, yet very dynamic and creative, this course suits people new to the field of regenerative design, through to experienced designers wishing to recap and extend their skills.

The certified course allows you to go on to further studies or design work, and upon completing the course you shall have a very powerful set of tools and action based solutions for walking more gently on the earth. Please email for more comprehensive information packet or if you have any questions or want to book a place on the course. [email protected]

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Richard Perkins
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16 July 2011 to 28 July 2011
Richard Perkins Integralpermanence
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