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13 February 12.30 - 2pm
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Navigating the Changeable Landscape: Where to Begin?

In the tumultuous sea of business complexity, adapting and growing is paramount. Yet, many leaders find themselves unsure of where to apply their energies to bring about meaningful change. Faced with the pressures and uncertainties of the current business landscape, sticking with familiar, albeit outdated, approaches can seem easier than venturing into the unknown. But so often staying in your comfort zone leads to more challenges long term. Our webinar unravels the mystery, providing you with a map to initiate meaningful change and embrace adaptability in the face of modern challenges.

Business as Usual No Longer Works:

The era of “business as usual” has come to an end. Traditional approaches are no longer sufficient in a landscape marked by constant change and complexity. This webinar challenges the status quo, urging leaders to break free from outdated norms and discover innovative strategies that align with the demands of the contemporary business environment, with space to breathe for finding your way.

In a Regenerative World Business is Aligned with People, Ecology, and Planet

In the regenerative world (one that is realigned to create life rather than simply extract from it), a fundamental shift occurs—what’s good for business is inherently good for people, ecology, and the planet. Discover how aligning your business practices with regenerative principles not only ensures success in the traditional sense but also contributes to the well-being of individuals, the health of ecosystems, and the sustainability of our planet. Join us in redefining business success within the broader context of a regenerative world.

The Importance of Guides: Your Path to Success

Amidst the uncertainty, having knowledgeable guides and supportive travelling companions. becomes essential. Sarah Spencer and JK McQuinn, your regenerative guides and trainers, bring their wealth of expertise to guide you through the ‘messy middle’ of business. Learn from their experiences and gain practical insights to navigate complexities, adapt effectively, and thrive in the ever-evolving business ecosystem. 

Revolutionise Your Approach with Our Unique Regenerative Frameworks:

Embark on a revolutionary journey with the Think like a Forest regenerative frameworks, offering accessible guidance for cultivating your business in harmony with the inherent complexities of life. Infused with the wisdom of living systems, these frameworks empower you to shape the business you envision, fostering personal and financial growth for yourself, your team and your organisation. Unlock the potential for transformative success as you navigate the intricacies of business with these uniquely insightful tools

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People / social permaculture
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