Ecological Constellations: Mapping Systems and Voicing the Wild

Summary information

This pioneering programme encompasses a focussed training in ecological, organizational and personal constellations and the interconnections between them. This five-day course introduces you experientially to the essential principles and skills that underpin the application of Systemic Constellations to Ecological and Organisational contexts.

We learn how to use constellations to explore and transform key ecological, leadership and personal challenges such as:

Releasing the creative potential of complex ecological dilemmas
Discovering how our personal issues interconnect with bigger systemic challenges
Learning how to live in an increasingly complex and volatile world
Venturing into the unknown, providing clarity and leadership in the face of uncertainty
Exploring the big issues of climate change, food security, peak resources, water shortages, sustainability
Resolving conflict
Giving a voice to the elements and species of the world which are not usually heard.
Creating new opportunities and possibilities in the face of cutbacks
Discovering fresh purpose and intention in our lives and work
Designing and testing environmental interventions, strategies and initiatives
Creating better relationships within local and national activist groups
Connecting different groups and sectors and Co creating dialogue
Developing new business models – suited to living within the means of the planet e.g. Prosperity without Growth

Booking and further information
Telephone number: 
+44 (0)1803 865934
Contact Details: 
The Old Postern
See website
Contact name: 
Jane Pares
Dates and times
18 November 2013 to 22 November 2013
Jenny Mackewn
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