Cordwood and rocket stove workshop in Portugal

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During these days, we first learn how to build a rocket stove for heating a house, cooking and heating the water for the shower. Second we learn how to make cordwood walls. We have 5 hours of practical experience by building these elements in the first Atlantisya house. We have 2 hours of teachings and educational teachings. - We start at 9am until 17:00pm - After dinner we have a lecture and/or educational movie. - Lunch, snack and dinner will be in Atlantisya and are all vegetarian.
More information:
The course is led by António Barata, António is a bio constructor, facilitator and permaculture designer from Portugal.

Accommodation: Because Atlantisya is still in the making and we are working on the first house we cannot offer any accommodation (and camping is not so attractive in this season). Our friend Filipe from historical town Almeida, offers accommodation for you to stay. You stay in a shared double bedroom in an authentic Portuguese house. And you get a Portuguese breakfast! After the workshop… You know how to build a rocket stove, you have experience in building a cordwood wall, you get documents with educational information and we share media about these topics with you.

For more information please download the course invitation PDF -

Booking and further information
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250 Euros
Dates and times
23 January 2014 to 31 January 2014
António Barata
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Apprentice Teachers
Teacher apprentices: 
No apprentice teacher places available on this course.

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