10 Week Farm Scale & Professional Permaculture Design

Advanced Design Skills
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Join us at Europe's most exciting (and the worlds most Northern) Farm Scale Permaculture & regenerative Ag farm & learning center.

This 10 Week Certificate training on farm training & Edu courses that includes;

• 90hr+ PRI (Aus) & PC Assoc (UK) certified PDC
• Introduction to Holistic Management & Integrated Animal Systems
• Keyline Design & Water Management
• Agroforestry & Perennial Cropping
• Annual vegetable production & Regenerating Soils
• 2 days of Top Bar beekeeping with Sweden's foremost expert Patrick Sellman.

We are proud to offer the most advanced, thorough & comprehensive training of it’s nature in Europe and have taken the time to put the info & prospectus together in order to answer the typical questions that come up for folks and clarify what you can expect from our program. Please read all the information presented carefully & thoroughly; it will help frame and orientate you for the experience. Our Internship begins with one of our internationally acclaimed PDC courses. We require all Internship participants to join. If you are retaking a PDC you qualify for a reduced rate on approval. Having run intensive education for many years we see the standard & content of PDC trainings varies greatly and we see it is of most benefit for people to join our course, meet the crew & orientate themselves here as well as benefit from additional time on the ground at this lighthouse project. People who made this choice in 2014/5 said is was very worthwhile and so we have made this a condition.

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16 May 2016 to 16 July 2016
Richard Perkins
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