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Join the Nature Garden revolution with "10 Steps to a Nature Garden"

Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to create your own beautiful, thriving Nature Garden, transformed for you, for wildlife and for the planet.

A self-paced, online course guided by permaculture principles, suited to anyone with a garden and a love of nature.

Let's make it easy to help nature thrive in your garden.

Do you want to create a garden rich in nature and kind to the planet? A garden that both you and wildlife love to be in? 10 Steps to a Nature Garden breaks it down, with expert advice and simple guidance.

In just 10 straightforward, self-paced modules, you'll be able to...

. create the best features and habitats for a thriving Nature Garden
. find the plants of all shapes, sizes and colours that serve nature and create beauty for you
. work with nature to manage pests and disease, build living soil and create wonderful composts
. know what nature needs and how you can provide it ways that are kind to the planet
. learn the design tricks to create a beautiful garden that looks and feels inspiring

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Dina Kingsnorth
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No apprentice teacher places available on this course
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Neil Kingsnorth
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