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The Children in Permaculture Manual

'Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual' is a ground-breaking book which shines a permaculture lens to inspire child-friendly, sustainable education. Full of innovative information, a new curriculum, hundreds of inspirations for activities, session plans, holistic pedagogy and reflection questions, this book will inspire educators to get outdoors and learn from nature. It is for primary, nursery and kindergarten teachers, policy makers, permaculture designers, Forest School leaders, Scout leaders, parents, carers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone else who is interested in holistic education for sustainability and resilience.’ You can purchase a beautiful paper copy here, printed on FSC certified paper.




CiP have created three videos, one about a school trip to Romania learning about permaculture, one about the Children in Permaculture training course, and a third about the project as a whole. See them here


Case Studies

These eight case studies about engaging children in permaculture cover a wide variety of different settings, such as schools, kindergartens, a forest kindergarten, an organic farm and permaculture parenting. To support educators in similar circumstances to learn from their experience, each case study has a description, top tips and highlights.

The CiP Survey of Resources

The Survey of resources is a very thorough review of existing content appropriate for use in engaging children in permaculture. It reviews 316 resources, including resources explicitly designed for introducing children to permaculture as well as other relevant resources and tools.  The report identifies relevant websites, books, lesson plans and songs.

The full report is written in English and a there is an appendix which has been translated into Czech, Italian, Romanian and Slovenian.


Catalogue of Resources

We have also created a list of the more useful resources for sharing permaculture with children in our catalogue of resources here.


The CiP Curriculum

‘The Children in Permaculture curriculum is a framework for considering all the different areas of permaculture with children. It is included as a part of the book 'Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual' and is available here as a separate download. The CiP curriculum was created to give a comprehensive overview of the full scope of permaculture for children.’1


Here you can access a database with hundreds of inspirations for leading activities with children, including stories, songs, games and other activities according to the permaculture curriculum. While a section of these activities has been included in the CiP manual, far more are available here in English.

Guidelines for designing a Children in Permaculture Training Course

This document outlines a two day training course that Children in Permaculture (CiP) trainers and course conveners can use to guide the development of their own CiP training courses adapted to the specific needs of the participants and unique characteristics of the place. It can also be useful for the educators to understand what they can expect of a CiP training course and thus whether and how to organise one in their locale. It contains guidelines for how to create a CiP course for educators, a list of materials which can be used during the courses and suggested course content.


The resources from the Children in Permaculture project are also available on the Children in Permaculture website:


The Children in Permaculture project was funded by Erasmus+ to create resources to support educators to work with children. The seven partner organisations delivered everything that we intended, and much more! 


1 Extract from Alderslowe, Amus, Deshaies (2018) Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual.