Example Diploma Portfolios

It's really helpful to be able to see what other people have done for their Diploma, so here are some hopefully useful links. If you have an online portfolio or a Diploma-related website/blog please let us know and we will add it to the list below. Please also get in touch if any of these links are broken.


Ezio Gori - www.permaculture2012.co.za

Darius Namdaran - http://diplomaadventure.weebly.com

John Boshier - http://www.permaculture-jb.me.uk

Pete Kennedy - http://appletonpermaculture.weebly.com

Rachel Woodise - http://www.permapeach.co.uk/

Aranya - http://learnpermaculture.com/diploma-portfolio

Ben Lambert - http://www.dreadbensdiploma.weebly.com

Jackie Bridgen - http://longandwinding.weebly.com/ (very much just started)

Bob Mehew - http://bobmehewpermaculture.weebly.com/

Tracey hay - http://whatgrowsfromaseed.wordpress.com/

Deano Martin - http://sustainablesmallholding.org/ (look under the diploma page for a drop down list of the designs)

Niamhue Robins - http://muddyfingers.weebly.com/

Hedvig Murray - http://hedvigmurray.co.uk/permaculture-diploma/

Rachael Taylor - http://www.rachaelpermaculture.weebly.com

Jan Martin - http://thesnailofhappiness.com/ (not my portfolio, just my random jottings about living a more sustainable life)

Tracy Oldfield -http://dorsetforestgarden.co.uk

Graeme Farrer - http://www.permaculturesolutions.co.uk

Katie Shepherd - http://shepherdwithattitude.weebly.com

Georgina Stutchfield - http://coastalpermaculture.wordpress.com/

Rakesh Rootsman Rak - http://www.ecologicaldesigns.co.uk/index.php/designs

Alison Ensor - http://www.permaculture-alison.co.uk/

Emily Crofton - http://nurturegreen.wordpress.com/

Hannah Mole - http://livingpermaculture.wix.com/livingpermaculture/

James Piers Taylor - http://permaculturediploma.blogspot.co.uk/

Karl Dawson - http://creativedescent.com/

Poppy Turpin-West - www.alifelesssimple.wordpress.com (not a portfolio but personal blog about running a smallholding surrounded by ancient woodlands and traditions on the Welsh Border. Trying to live more sustainably).

Jenni Brooks - http://sageandrhubarb.weebly.com

Ruth Robinson - http://permaculturediary.weebly.com/

Chloe Anthony - www.permaculture-diploma-2014.org.uk

Joe Atkinson - http://joeatkinsonpermaculture.weebly.com/diploma.html

Lali Zaibun-Nisa -https://lalispermaculture.wordpress.com

Hannah Field - https://colourtheworldover.wordpress.com/

Cathrine Løvetand - http://www.geoliv.dk/permaculture-diploma/

Kerry Lane - http://www.kerrylanepermaculture.wordpress.com

Viv Chamberlin-Kidd - https://seven-strands.blogspot.co.uk/

Stephen Andrews http://thepollengardens.com/permaculture-diploma-portfolio/

Anna Locke - http://annalockediploma.weebly.com/