Apprentice Resources

In this section you can access all the forms, guides and information you need to support your diploma journey if you registered before 1st September 2020.

If you haven't already signed up, please visit our new diploma website (still a work in progress) for the most up to date information and the online registration form. 

September 2020 - new Diploma system introduced.

Diploma fees were fixed in October 2013 when the Fees Guide was published and no review or increase has taken place in the seven years since then. Please take a moment to read more about the changes which will affect new registrations from Autumn 2020. All System 5.1 or 5.2 apprentices - so anyone who registered before 31 August 2020 - will have until Autumn 2022 to complete their Diploma under their current scheme or they can switch to the new system at the end of the transition period. 

You can view a short video explaining the changes here. The film has subtitles but you can also download a copy of the script below.

Diploma Community

Visit and join the Facebook group for day to day networking and sharing. - a wonderfully lively page with great info, resources and peer support.

Please Note:

As a Diploma Apprentice you agree to hold current membership of the Permaculture Association for the duration of your study. Click here to join or renew


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