The Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design is the next step after the PDC and will improve your skills as a designer. It can also be combined with many of the other learning options. 



The Diploma is a distance learning course by the Permaculture Association.

As an apprentice, you will produce a portfolio of ten designs that will demonstrate how you develop into a proficient permaculture designer. It is up to you which areas of your life and work the designs cover. It is expected that some of them will be land-based and some of them cover non-land-based subjects, such as education, community development, self-care or business planning.

The areas in the Holmgren flower illustrate areas where you might focus your efforts.

Holmgren flower
diploma pathways graphic

The Diploma pathway is largely self-directed and requires personal initiative. You will receive support from a tutor who is an experienced permaculture designer, and you can have more than one tutor to get different perspectives. There will be many opportunities to connect with other apprentices through local and thematic peer support groups (guilds), national and regional gatherings as well as in the dedicated Diploma area on the Permaculture Association's Community Hub platform.

This image, from KT Shepherd, illustrates an example of a diploma pathway with some of the stages you are going to visit along the way.