"A stitch in time saves nine." There is no use planting 1,000 trees, only to see many of them die in the first couple of years. Good maintenance will ensure your project develops well, and your investments of time, money and energy bear fruit. Another slightly different aspect of maintenance is ongoing monitoring. This may be monitoring your monthly energy use, or the number of large fish in your pond. Either way, identifying what aspects of your project need to be regularly monitored will help you to make sure the systems you have installed are working the way you want them to.

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Calendars have been developed over centuries in order to better understand natural cicles and design life inline with the natural patterns.

Management Plans

As the project develops you will move from the implementation and creation of new systems, to their maintenance. Trees that have been planted will need to be pruned and stakes checked.

Ongoing Monitoring

In some systems ongoing monitoring is essential, such as for aquaculture systems for fish. Without regular monitoring these systems can quickly decline if problems arise.

Workdays, parties, and 'permablitzes'

An excellent way to implement and maintain your site, especially if it is a community project, is to organise regular parties. Food to share and a very sociable atmosphere can encourage regular volunteering and support.