Group Survey / Client Interview

This can help you to understand the needs and resources of a group that you are working with, or you can use it to ask yourselves important questions about your own wants, needs and resources. Use pre-prepared questions, but don't feel you can't ask others, or need to ask them all. Remember the point is to listen. The less you say, the more people will talk. Questions could include:

  1. Name(s) of client(s) (May be a person, or a project.)

  2. Address, email, phone, fax details.

  3. Property size (square metres / acres / hectares.)

  4. Number of people on the site.

  5. Groups that use the site (e.g. user groups, staff, volunteers, schoolchildren.)

  6. Physical challenges that need to be considered (blind, wheelchairs etc.)

  7. Occupations and skills

  8. Lifestyle / ethos of the group

  9. Eating habits

  10. Age ranges

  11. Financial situation and budget for the project

  12. On site resources

  13. How site is owned / rented (freehold, leasehold, rented from council, etc.)

  14. Any restrictions on how the land is used (detailed in lease agreements etc)

  15. Potential catastrophes, known problems and site difficulties (frost pocket, fire, flooding, persistent vandalism.)

  16. Plans and drawings available

  17. Level of food production wanted

  18. Existing energy efficiency measures, and energy usage

  19. Privacy (views, neighbours, respecting other people’s privacy where site is overlooking others)

  20. Priorities for the site

  21. What do you most like about the site?

  22. What would you most like to change?

  23. Water catchment (quality and amount)

  24. Water general

  25. Soils

  26. Erosion

  27. Aspect

  28. Clients wants and needs (PASE sheet)

  29. Names and addresses of supportive groups and people (councillors, voluntary service support etc.)

  30. Utilities (gas, electricity, mains water)