Show permaculture films in your community

We occasionaly get asked by members for recommendations of films to show to share permaculture more widely. As part of our national convergence 2019, Elizabeth Westaway compiled a longlist of 77 films, to decide what to show in our cinema space. Here is that list!

We hope it will link you to new videos to watch, learn and share. Thanks Elizabeth for bringing the list together and for hosting the convergence cinema.

Perhaps you will organise a community screening to share permaculture with more people. Here are our top tips:

  1. Find a space to use as your 'cinema'. Ideally, it can be darkened. It has to have a power supply. Consider accessibility (wheelchair access, children, and more).
  2. Set the time and date for your screening. Maybe it can be part of an already established, regularly .
  3. Make sure you have the equipment. A large TV with hdmi input can serve as an alternative to a projector for smaller audiences. A good speaker/s really helps, there's nothing worse than not being able to hear the film (quiet at the back!).
  4. Set the programme in advance and share it with your would-be attendees. You might start with some short videos before the main feature.
  5. Will you charge? People enjoy watching films and likely will be willing to pay for the screening; this might help go towards any screening charges, or could. You don't have to charge in £, you could charge in cake that then gets sold on.
  6. Publicise! It'll be useful to have an idea of how many people are attending. If you can capture contact details on booking,  with permission you'll be able to contact the cinema-goers with details of future screenings, permaculture courses, workdays etc. Members of the Permaculture Association can list events on our network noticeboard.


If you find this list useful and organise a screening, please let us know


PDF icon Permaculture films list PDF