Putting Permaculture Association members on the map

This year, members of the Permaculture Association have a new member benefit in the form of an exclusive members map! It can be accessed via the website members area now.

As a result of member feedback asking for an easier way to put local members in touch with one another, we’ve been developing the map to facilitate member networking. It has taken quite some work, not without hiccups, but we’re hoping it’s a good starting point to help start getting more people connected.

In this post, read on for our five network mapping observations so far.

Once logged in, members can opt to add their general location to the map, at which point other logged in members are able to click on their marker and send them an email via the website contact form. Members can remove their marker at any time.

If you're not a current member, join the network now, from just £3 a month.


1. We’ve noticed that though a good start, the map isn’t quite displaying an accurate representation of our membership. For example, it looks like there’s a bit of a permie desert between Lincoln and York. A wide corridor east of the A1(M). Who’s there? Do you know anyone in that area who might like to join?

2. There’s also few people in middle Wales. Are you in either of these areas? Could you add your marker and ‘represent’? 

3. It’s great to see a good representation of members across Scotland!

4. We have members in almost all continents. We just need someone to pop up and say hello (or ¡Hola!) in South America. Could this be you?

5. We think most people are in the right place, but sorry in advance to Tess who’s for some reason plotted in Los Angeles and another of our members who seems to have taken a stroll from Tunbridge Wells over to Sub Saharan Africa. We’re still scratching our heads about this; we’ll have it fixed soon, fingers crossed.

If you’re a member, thanks for making this happen! We encourage you to keep giving us feedback about the map and the online members area so that we’re able to keep developing it to support you.

Currently, the members area also features downloadable past copies of Permaculture Works, member discount listings, help and feedback. Members can post their own listings to the Courses, Events, Jobs and Opportunities listings, publicised via our monthly Network News and e-bulletin.

In order to benefit from this and our full list of Permaculture Association benefits, join from just £3 a month.

How to access and make good use of the new map:

  • Log in using your member’s username or email address and password.
  • Either click on ‘My Account’ or head straight to the ‘Network’ page within the Members area. You’ll see the map within the Network page.
  • To add or remove your marker, head to ‘My Membership’ and update your member preferences.

Forgotten your password? You can get a reset here, or get in touch if you need more help.