2023 Paramaethu Cymru Gathering: Holden Farm Dairy
3 p.m on Arrival and settle
4.30 Pole barn Pole Barn: Introduction – Stephanie Hafferty
5.00 Pole barn Pole Barn: Community Assembly: Theme question – How can we strengthen permaculture in Wales? Led by Angie Polkey. Come and experience the ‘assembly’ format and emerge fired up for action!

7.00 p.m.

Pole Barn

Pole barn: Home-brew tasting/reviews

Bring and share meal -----------------plus an optional barbecue addition @ approx.. £5 (Hock)

  Pole Barn: Bring and share music entertainment + bar (cash payment)
7.30 am Outside or Threshing Barn: Gentle Yoga – (Alison/ ……..)
8 Breakfast – Muesli etc (Moo)


Session 1

Pole Barn: Matt Swarbrick + Patrick Holden: welcome: followed by-

Patrick Holden: The place of animals in a permaculture food ecosystem – the rationale for Holden Farm Dairy

Forest School

Threshing barn +

+ music venue

Projection available

Outside if fine or ….. Stable room (<15) /Cow Barn - Projection available

Pole barn: stalls + dining place + firepit

Projection available

  Sessions run in parallel of 50 mins + 10 mins Q+A  
10.15 Session 2 Maddy Harland: REWILDING and Permaculture… what we’re doing in north Devon and other rewilding projects - and permaculture design thinking. Are they compatible?! Proj   Carwyn Graves: Tir Glas, Welsh food – the long view - discussion  
11.30 Snack break – drinks available
12.00 Session 3 Liz Zorab: the joy of intentional observation: light-hearted talk re observation & noticing things hidden in plain sight. Proj

Gwenda Mark: ’PISHO’ Let’s talk about urine’


Carolyn Moody: Practical Vegetable seed saving

Workshop Proj

1 Lunch –
2 .45 Session 4 Valerie Wood-Gaiger, MBE: Caring for our Planet and its People. Matt Swarbrick: Agri-wilding – a permaculture paradise between land sharing and sparing?Proj

Stephanie Hafferty: What to sow now for harvests through winter and next spring.


4.00 Snack break – drinks available
4.30 Session 5

Augusta Lewis: Transforming food systems at a regional level.


Peni Ediker: My One Planet journey – struggles and successes – engaging community in our project.

Pippa Chapman: Design your own food forest garden. Workshop


6 Eve meal:
7 p.m Pole Barn - Film: “2040”
  Bar: ( Nim) assistants=Bob and LPG (cash payment)


Threshing Barn

Twmpath with Tân Annwn - a creative dance band adapting tunes from the Welsh and Breton traditions on pipes, harp, fiddle, flutes, mandola, concertina and drum

Tân Annwn is Peni Ediker (pipes, flutes, whistles), Stef Balesi (mandola, pipes, drum, concertina), Elsa Davies (fiddle) &amp; Ceri Owen-Jones (harp, caller).

7.30 Outside or Threshing Barn: Gentle Yoga (Alison Stopp)
8 Breakfast – Muesli etc (Moo)


Session 6

Neil Kingsnorth: Trees for resilience in a changing climate


Jane Powell: Food from the ground up – the Future Generations Act

Nim Robins: Designing your land project with Permaculture


10.15 Snack break – drinks available      
10.45 Session 7 Huw Richards: Growing food – pushing the bounds Proj Katie Shepherd: Moving through climate grief to climate action Abel Oakenshade: Building Permaculture Communities of Practice Proj  
12.00 Pole Barn: Closing ceremony -
12.30 Lunch – + Hafod Cheeses/Meats for sale
1.30 Clear up – everyone share in site clearance Stable Room: Optional OPD drop-in .. Moo
2.30 – 4 pm Tours Holden Farm tour- Patrick Holden – meet in Pole Barn Denmark farm tour – Andy Polkey- meet in Threshing Barn