The Permaculture Association is the UK’s leading charity providing nature-based solutions. Since 1983, our members have been at the forefront of regenerative agriculture, green community development, sustainable living and natural gardening.

Join as a household and introduce your family to a network of inspiring, motivated people making positive changes in their lives, communities and landscapes that are for the benefit of all.

The world is in crisis, permaculture gives people the tools and confidence to respond. A better world is possible.

Permaculture is solutions led, it isn't all doom and gloom. It gives hope, it gives us the tools we need. Being part of the permaculture network has helped me to understand the tools that are available a lot more - individuals cannot usually change the world on their own, but communities can, by sharing knowledge, skills, time, understanding and support.

Why join as a household?

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Discover a new future for your family

Join alongside your family abnd embrace a new lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

Learn, grow, and create unforgettable moments together as you uncover innovative approaches to living a regenerative life, all while building a brighter future. 

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Join our flourishing community

  • Find other members via our online Community Hub forum and make new friends to neet up with locally and nationally
  • Take part in our online masterclasses, gatherings, Digital Campfire events and monthly membership socials
  • Meet up in person at one of our national and regional events
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Learn about permaculture

  • Enjoy 25% off all Permaculture Association courses 
  • Access our back catalouge of Permaculture Works, a 64 page journal
  • Receive our exclusive ‘Learn about Permaculture’ email series
  • Monthly Community Newsletter 
  • Access our video library of masterclasses and permaculture project tours
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Discounts for all!

  • Discount rates for online courses and events can be used for all your household members.
  • 25% Discount on all Permaculture Association courses and 15% discount on events run by us
  • Discounted public liability insurance for businesses & projects
  • Discounts with partners on courses, services, books, plants & wellbeing
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Project Support offer

Do you run a permaculture-inspired project as a household? You can access our dedicated permaculture Project & LAND support network as part of your membership.

Take advantage of our Project & LAND support benefits including access to monthly online workshops (full programme for 2023 here), the back catalogue of permaculture masterclasses, map your organisation, get a discount on public liability insurance with Zurich plus support from our Projects and LAND network co-ordinator.

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Build the movement

Permaculture is the change we want to see in the world being designed, tested and shared for wider adoption.

By supporting us to reach more people, we have a better chance of generating new ideas to build a fairer future for its people, plants, animals and everything in between. 

How do I join?

It's so simple! Sign up using Direct Debit, one-off card payment or via Paypal now! Select the monthly or annual payment options below: