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The Projects and LAND network is the Permaculture Association’s community of practice for those of you who run permaculture inspired projects, LAND Centres or are interested in starting your own project. Get involved by becoming a member and signing up for our Project Support Offer.

Join our monthly online Project and LAND gatherings for inspiration and advice, participate in our Community Hub space for support, resource sharing and chat, have your project featured in our project spotlight and receive our newsletter crammed with stories, opportunities and advice on current funding.

Our Projects and LAND map is a showcase of the brilliant permaculture community projects and LAND (permaculture demonstration) Centres run by our members. Take a look to learn from other projects and to connect with  the permaculture  network  in your area. 

Get your project on the map


We want to see your project on the map, whether you are running a seed saving club with friends, repair cafe, community garden, or thriving education center. No project is too insignificant to be listed. Help us to celebrate the impact that permaculture people and their projects have on our communities around the uk.


What is LAND? 


The LAND network was set up in response to the realisation that many people learn through seeing and doing. In order to make permaculture accessible to as many people as possible, we needed to have a way of sharing learning without people having to commit to doing a full permaculture design course.

A LAND Centre is a permaculture demonstration site that people can visit to have an experience of permaculture design and techniques in practice. LAND stands for Learning, Action, Network and Demonstration. You can read more about what that means here

There are now over 40 LAND Centres in the UK, all of which offer a unique learning experience. They range in scale from domestic gardens and allotments, to community gardens and orchards, to established food forests and large scale regenerative farms.

Many LAND Centres welcome group visits, run courses and have spaces available to hire. Click on the LAND Centre pin on the map to read the centre profile, find out about opportunities to collaborate and get to in touch.

Our vision is to have a LAND Centre in every community, serving as a hub of inspiration, connection and learning. Could your site be the next LAND Centre in our network? Find out how to become a LAND Centre. 

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Become a LAND Centre

Has permaculture transformed your life and now you want to share your knowledge and experience with others? Find out more about becoming a LAND Centre and making change in your community!