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Why you should learn about permaculture!

Permaculture is a positive, healthy and exciting discipline. It can help us make the most of life and create positive opportunities for ourselves, others and the natural world. Even if there weren’t big challenges, permaculture would still be a great thing to learn about!

Heard about permaculture but looking for your route in? We have created a guide which takes you, step by step, through all of the learning routes into permaculture.

  • Explore options for studying permaculture and help you plan your learning
  • Find useful links to upcoming courses and educator profiles
  • See an oversight of permaculture learning pathways

We, the Permaculture Association (Britain), are dedicated to ensuring that people coming to learn about permaculture are getting the best experience possible, with suitably inspired, experienced and certified educators.

There are many ways to learn permaculture, with structured short courses through to University level study. It can be a standalone course or be part of a regenerative agriculture course or a holistic health course.

“I was hooked for life: permaculture has been a major influence guiding my life and work ever since.”

Permaculture is immersive - it opens up the door onto a whole new world of fascinating study and solutions to address local and global challenges including how to reduce waste, save water and money, eat healthier, look after soil and live sustainably. 


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The world is in crisis, permaculture gives people the tools and confidence to respond. A better world is possible.

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With quality data on the impact of permaculture design, we can begin funding research, greater impact developments and provide more support to our members.