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The Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design can help you improve your personal life, home, community, workplace, landscapes and planet in these turbulent times. It helps you to deepen your learning from your Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC), practising the techniques, tools and processes you came across there and actually applying them to your life.

It is a self-directed learning journey so you can really make it work for you - following your interests, finding the style of designing and learning that you enjoy and that integrates best into your life. It can help you find out what permaculture means to you; you don't need to have the answer at the start, you just need enough curiosity and commitment to begin.

It is an opportunity to be part of something bigger, solving real life challenges and creating tangible change for a more beautiful world.

My Diploma helped me to design how the family works, rests and plays whilst treading more lightly. It also helped me to design my own business when faced with redundancy.

Why join the Diploma?

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Join a flourishing community

We have created an exclusive space for Tutors, Apprentices and Graduates of the Diploma in Applied Permaculture, to come together and connect. The Permaculture Community Hub is a supportive community of people where you can share designs, provide feedback and build your guild!

As a Diploma member, you have an Access All Areas pass! This includes access to the following spaces:

Diploma Design Share
Project & LAND
Digital Campfire Events 

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Design a brave new world

Be at the forefront of change and produce a professional portfolio of ten designs which you can use to design key areas of your home, business, lifestyle and finances. 

Have these designs ready to share when you move into the next phase of your journey. 

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Build a new career in regenerative practice

Build a hugely valuable set of skills and experiences that you can apply to permaculture and regenerative career options such as being a designer, educator or Diploma tutor.

How do I join?

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