Compost Worm Farming

Compost worm farms transform household waste into a resource, a very valuable resource, a nutrient-rich fertilizer (liquid and solid) while also closing the loop on food waste cycles in households.

Compost worms are a great way to make your own fertilizer for organic gardening, and they are equally as good for recycling food waste at home. The system will continuously create both liquid and solid fertilizer and close the food-waste loop.

Key Takeaways:
• Composting worms are a great way to close the cycle of food-waste in your household and create daily liquid fertilizer, as well as incremental solid fertilizer (worm castings).
• A worm farm is easy to make out of an old bathtub: The liquid should drain out of the tub as normal, caught in a container, and the castings can be harvested about every three months.
• It’s important to cover the tub with dense shade cloth because the worms do not like the sun.

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