Zachary Barton

Zac is a permaculture designer, activist and teacher. He has been living in Nepal since 2003 and started the Kamala Foundation in 2005, an organization using permaculture and community-based programming to support different communities develop sustainably and build resilience. He established Almost Heaven Farms in 2013, his home base where he researches, demonstrates and trains local farmers in permaculture design, earth-based building and earth-energies. Specializing in program design, Zachary has worked in communities across Nepal and helped co-instigate the Resilience Through Recovery project using permaculture to help different villages recover from the devastating earthquakes of 2015. Zachary’s vision was influenced by Bill Mollisons idea to “empower the powerless and ‘create a million villages’ to replace nation states”. He is currently working to develop a network of sustainable villages across this bio-region.