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About me

I have 30 years experience in permaculture design, teaching and practice, having worked in the UK and various European countries. Over the years, I have been active in many different fields, with an emphasis on the restoration of land, buildings and communities. I currently live and work in a rural co-housing project in Herefordshire. Prior to that, I spent 6 years as project manager for a reforestation group in the Pennines and toured the UK and Europe for several years, advising and supporting permaculture and other projects. Within the Permaculture Association I have been a member of several working groups and was a director, chair and member of the Association between 2005 and 2011. In my own research work, I have conducted the first comprehensive survey into temperate forest gardens and contributed to the Permaculture Association's forest garden field trial programme. As a teacher I offer full Permaculture Design Courses as well as specialist programmes in forest gardening, teacher training and a range of other subjects. I have been a tutor with the Permaculture Diploma since 2010. I am currently a senior tutor and actively invovled in developing the diploma further.

PDC: March 1995, Worcester College of Agriculture, Patrick Whitefield 

Diploma: July 1997, Coldstream, Nancy Woodhead, Graham Bell

Diploma Tutor Experience
  • Forest gardens and other polycultures
  • Permaculture and related courses, including teacher training
  • Community development
  • Project management
  • Ecological restoration, reforestation and woodland management
  • Permaculture Research
  • Participative design and research
  • Project management for land and building projects
  • Temporary sites and event design
Diploma Tutor Skills
  • Permaculture research, especially members research
  • Languages – German (native speaker), some French and Russian
  • Links to European networks
  • Linking permaculture with other subjects - previous examples include art, environmental activism and social engagement

Technical Skills and experience:

  • Collaborative and Participatory processes
  • Training and Eductaion
  • Forest Gardens and other Polycultures
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Woodland management
  • Fruit trees and orchards
  • Events Design
Educator experience

I taught my first permaculture course in 1997. Since then I have taught permaculture, forest gardening and related subjects across the UK and in a number of European countries. I also offer Permaculture Teacher Training. I have been a DIploma tutor with the Association since 2010 and a senior tutor since 2022. I also offer individual training and mentorign sessions or longer programmes to groups and individuals. If you have a design or training need, do get in touch and we can work out what format would suit you best!


Educator qualifications

Diploma in Applied Premaculture Design, 1997 Graham Bell & Nancy Woodhead

Permaculture Teacher Training, Anne-Marie Mayer, Friland DK, 2010

Permaculture Training of Teachers with Rowe Morrow, Permaculture in the Alps AT, 2011

PTLLS, Leicester Adult Learning College, 2011