Tobias - Main Profile

Hello good people,

I live in Oxford and 5 of us are doing the diploma here, forming a very much supportive peer group.

My personal diploma journey has been rocky so far as I really give myself a hard time when getting stuck. I am just about to prepare for the IPA and my designs so far have been pretty much people based, including one design just on my mental health.

One thing I found to be a break through on my path, was to take a break from designing my own projects and instead to do designs for ‘clients’. While that also comes with its own challenges it gave me a massive break from always providing both, content and methodology.

My previous background is in the arts, namely music, dance and theatre as well as teaching languages.

I learned how to garden only 3 years ago and am now running an ambitious allotment along bio-intensive and forest-garden principles. I am keen to maximize my self-sufficiency and would love to do an apprenticeship in a proper organic permaculture market garden.