Teresa Pointing

I am a doctor with professional interests in developing holistic care systems for the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our society, so over the past 25 years I have looked after an AIDS hospice, set up support services for drug users, and run a charity for disadvantaged young people at risk from alcohol, drugs and gangs. I am qualified as a GP and Addiction specialist.
Along the way I have spent time as an advisor to some government bodies and contributed to some UK national guidance eg. drugs and alcohol education, medical guidelines and GP training. I got some experience in management consultancy techniques and tools for facilitating progress in social programmes. I have delivered training and mentoring to other healthcare staff.

All these activities became a lot more manageable after I learned meditation and mindfulness, which has gradually led to me being a 'buddhist' which I follow as a philosophy, practice and worldview rather than a label or religion.

In 2012 I have completed a Permaculture Design Certificate and embarked on the Diploma. At home we grow as much as we can for our own food in our small garden, and plan to find a place with more land to nurture. My diploma should become an exploration of applying permaculture to health systems and to social enterprise/business systems. I love to think we can combine healthcare with landcare and with right livelihoods, so we need to set some good examples into practice.

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