Suzi High

I am working towards a degree in nursing aiming to develop my resilience skills and bring my experience as a permaculture designer into the health system at a time that it needs to respond to transition.
I am founder member of Leeds Permaculture Network, and Pudsey Local Sustainability Enterprise (PuLSE).
PuLSE is now a LAND learning centre, so please contact me if you would like to see how we have applied permaculture to create a more sustainable urban life. The centre consists of 2 homes and gardens and an allotment with forest garden. We are developing community aspects of our lives, including a bee coop, food buying group, tree plantings and a forest garden in the local park.
I hold a diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, RHS gardening certificate and a BA (Hons) in Peace Studies. My previous work in community development informs my practice as a permaculture designer.
Since 2000 I have used permaculture design to transform my life, starting with how I use my time and working out from there.
I have designed and implemented time management, home, garden, allotment and forest garden, and transport designs with my family. In my local community I have worked with schools and community groups to develop gardens and a local permaculture network. Citywide I have been part of developing a permaculture network and a community gardening project as well as a local teachers guild.
I have facilitated Permaculture Design Courses, introduction to permaculture courses, introduction to teaching permaculture, ecological gardening courses and a variety of workshops and presentations ranging from schools work to introducing sustainability concepts to community groups.
I enjoy supporting other people to develop project ideas and mentoring people starting out on their path towards increased resilience. I am now a Permaculture Diploma tutor, giving me a system in which to do this.

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0113 2047736
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