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Notes about contacting me
About me

I live in the North of Sweden on a small farm on the outskirts of a small town (Sävar). I run a permaculture garden for self enjoyment/sufficiency. I work in adult voluntary education and I do a lot of voluntary work related to buidling my local community. I am also part of a team of permaculture educators here in the North of Sweden.

Educator experience

The short version

I have both worked in formal education and in the voluntary sector. I have worked in several universities across Sweden and in the UK. I have also worked in schools (the age group 9-16). At an early age I became a scout leader and started organising hikes, camps, training and events. Today I work in adult voluntary education organising courses and events. I also teach permaculture both on my own and as part of a team here in the North of Sweden. The team has run three PDC-courses since 2019 and we do introduction courses, workshops, talks and events both for the general public and for those who gained a PDC through our cources. 

I also use permaculture to plan and organise learning processes at work for different groups. 

Educator skills

How to educate and learn

Organising, planning, pedagogy and didactics, learning methods, blended learning, online learning, evaluation, using learning objectives


Formal: Human geography, English language, Social sciences, Rural issues

Permaculture: Permaculture in society, permaculture as a tool for social change and community development, permaculture ethics and principles, permaculture design methods, permaculture tools and techniques for growing food in cold climates, permaculture tools for organisation and planning, understanding needs and how to meet them through permaculture design, self build greenhouse design, low presssure irrigation systems for gardens, how to grow food in sandy soil, 


Educator qualifications

A number of courses in learning for higher education (there is not a degree for teaching in higher education) at Umeå University, University of Leicester and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. A series of courses at Linköping Univeristy about adult education in the voluntary sector.