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Permacultura Mediterránea (PermaMed)

PermaMed is a Mallorca-based collective association that works with a growing community that seeks to live from the bounty offered by natural ecosystems, learning and working collaboratively to regreen the island and build a sustainable and socially-just society.

Our team is international: one Mallorquina, one Spanish, one Swiss German, one Belgian, and three “Americans” (two from the U.S. and one from Mexico). Since the group started in 2011, we have deliberately organised activities and courses in all three major languages spoken on the island (Mallorquin, Spanish, and English) in order to build a local network, as well as draw participants from abroad.

Our mission:
- Enhance creativity and personal and collective development through Education, Research, Inner Work and Celebration in a context of respect for the world around us
- Facilitate understanding of permaculture and regenerative methods through the development of demonstration sites
- Educate and research in Sustainable Design
- Offer tools to society for creating a more holistic worldview - Increase awareness and implementation of lifestyles in resilient communities based on the principles of deep ecology
- Promote Ecoliteracy (ecological literacy)

PermaMed has three demonstration centres: Finca Som Terra, Escuela Kumar, and The Permaculture Circles.