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The Blackberry is the symbol of our permaculture group, i know it can be a pain for gardeners but its resilience is to be admired. I have seen plants covered in rust and recover. I have seen them covered in Blackfly and still have branches buckle under the weight of tonns of fruit. I love the way such a ferocious plant enables little birds to fly right inside and gives them protection and food. Indeed Much like people, if you want fruit you just let them grow.
We are an informal not for profit group exploring aspects of permaculture including ways of gardening and creating a sustainable,inclusive community. We love meeting people so if you would like to be involved ( a little or a lot!) Please get in touch through our contacts page.
Some of objectives of the group are;
Holding workshops, skill sharing and networking events.

Networking with other groups who hold similar interests.

The development of our local seedbank to be used as a future resource and address such issues as seed/food soverinty and health, we also hold plant swops.

To help with the creation of local social enterprise including our own and provide support and advice, which will in turn help to create a strong, sustainable truly green local economy.

The creation and development of a Permaculture open source database both physically and online for people to access and also contribute to, - aside from the information on this website we have a shared Mega cloud storage database - If you would like access to Mega please get in touch through the contacts page. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter,You Tube, Project dirt and Linkin.

To help and promote permaculture/sustainability research. Including the exploration of alternative, reliable and locally produced food. For example alternatives to Wheat, Maize, Rice and Soy.How growing methods can be improved and growing seasons can be extended. The study of alternative native resources eg, Nettles (food, medicinal,food)

We are currently working on a local community Herbal project, studying our native plants for health and healing among other things....if you would like more details please get in touch.

As part of our Permaculture group we are pleased to announce that we will be the new guardians of Bleakhouse library Community garden. It is being handed over to our group and the Community by Countershade who has recently renovated the space as part of the Sow We Grow Project.
We have lots of ideas about how we would like to develop the space we will be basing our community Seedbank there, holding social community events as well as implementing a permaculture plan for the space, we will be holding regular workdays and are organising a small monthly farmers market.
This space is available to be used by every one in the community individuals and groups, schools and other organisations for recreation and social purposes as well as education and holistic therapy. For details of our next meet up see here.

We are available for talks and events, we can also provide workshops on various subjects and do take on some practical gardening work. If you would like more details please contact us

We also have a very big interest in cake and chatting!!!

The Wild wood Emporium is the developing social enterprise off shoot of the SABPermaculture group it encompasses A number of areas The Nettleology Herbal range and other natural products. Reescyle, Blodeuwedd floralART and gardening services including the planning, implementing and maintaining of edible/wildlife growing spaces, also provision of workshops and talks.

We are currently working with 3 local schools as well as our local home ed network. Our other main focus currently is on the Nettology range, refining our recipes and jumping through hoops to bring it to commercial sale.

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