Martin Powdrill

I am currently teaching Introduction to Permaculture Courses, and am also a Permaculture Tutor for a distance learning organisation. My interests in Permaculture lie in three areas: better understanding of how we can practically apply the patterns and systems of nature to our lives, whether it be our gardens, agriculture, running an organisation, designing products, or ourselves; How to engage with the ‘unusual suspects’; How to reframe Permaculture so that we can engage with businesses, and apply the principles to running businesses - gets back to the ‘unusual suspects’ again!

In summer 2010, we moved near Bangor. We are evolving the 1 1/2 acre property into a Permaculture project, and developing facilities to run indoor and outdoor workshops, bringing together personal coaching, Permaculture, land-based skills, and the great outdoors as a vehicle to re-engage people with themselves and mother earth. At the time of writing this intro (Oct 2010), we have been doing lots of observing, and picking loads of fruit! We enjoy sharing our plans and welcome input from others.

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