Mark Warner

Since I was little I've been fascinated by nature. In my youth I volunteered at Avon Wildlife Trust's Willsbridge Mill Nature Reserve. In 1985 I went to Seale-Hayne Agricultural College to study Rural Resources and their Management, with the intention of going into conservation management.

I first heard about permaculture in 1986 from an article in 'Eco News' (Green Party newsletter), then I met Andy Langford and Norman Duncan in Totnes. I did my PDC in 1989 with Andy, Graham Bell and Bill Mollison. I got involved with Bristol Permaculture Group in 1990. After doing an Ecovillage Design Course with Max Lindegger in 1995, I set up Eco-Village Network - UK (affiliated to Global Ecovillage Network) to provide a matchmaking service for people, land and resources for sustainable settlements.

In 1999 I moved to London, where I started teaching with Naturewise and, over the years, became increasingly involved in designing and running courses in London with Graham Burnett, Nicole Freris and a growing body of fantastic people.

In 2010 I moved to Japan (Yamaguchi Prefecture), where a whole new adventure begins.....