Mark Simmonds

I am an experienced entrepreneur, facilitator, trainer and co-operator. The bulk of my time is spent helping co-operative enterprises, both to start up and also during periods of organisational change. I also get my hands dirty starting new co-operative enterprises as a founder member.

I am committed to sustainable co-operative enterprise as a vehicle for positive social change and have a particular interest in co-operatives involved in sustainable agriculture, woodland and the food system in general.

As well as co-operative development, I am also involved in the creation and maintenance of new and existing orchards. I also deliver training around orchard work and cider-making.  I am a member of the Landworkers Alliance campaigning for the rights of small producers and a better food system.

I apply permaculture design principles in all my work and have successfully achieved a Certificate in Permaculture Design. I registered for my Permaculture Diploma in November 2016 - a work in progress.

I have been particularly involved in the support of enterprises coming out of Transition initiatives and was part of the group that proposed the first set of principles for a "Transition Enterprise". I have recently worked as "Enterprise Advisor" to the REconomy project of the Transition Network.

I am founder member and Director of two community co-operatives that have used Community Share Offers:
Pennine Community Power Limited
The Fox and Goose (Hebden Bridge) Limited

I am the author of two of Co-operatives UK's guides:
Simply Governance - a guide to the systems and processes for the effective running of a co-operative or community enterprise.
Simply Start-up - an overview of the start-up process of co-operative and community enterprises
Both of these publications are available for download as a PDF from

I am the author of two REconomy guides (downloadable as PDFs):
The Transition Enterprise Handbook
The Do-ocracy Handbook

Telephone number: 
0741 999 1506
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