Mark Anstice

I am a 47 year old Scot and my wife, 37, is from Argentina. I am a jack of all trades and have been many things in life, from soldier to TV presenter. I met my love in Ibiza where she had settled temporarily. We were both big travelers before meeting one another and still are, although there's less time for such things now. We just got back from walking 1,300kms with a camel through Xinjiang and then with donkeys through Kyrgyzstan.

For some years now we've been building an Eco-lodge and Centre des Arts in Morocco with our fisherman and farmer neighbours. We have used cement only in the frame and on the roof. Otherwise we use only rocks, old bricks, earth and lime. We teach ourselves how to do things from books and the internet then we teach the guys and another bit is built. It's a fantastic building, sitting against a forested hillside 800m from the beach, and now also has a bright future as a permaculture centre and the HQ of the Fertile Roots Foundation.

FRF is a UK charity I have set up to bring permaculture to Morocco.

The charity's first project is the land around us. The two communities (39 families) we live between are forming a permaculture cooperative and together we are about to begin a fantastic project to regenerate their farmlands and the forest behind, to build a sustainable future for them and to learn, by trial and error, what works in such an arid landscape, before taking these lessons all over North Africa.

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