Lucy E - Main Profile

I live on a 3-acre smallholding in mid-Suffolk, with my partner and children. In addition to our 'day jobs' we grow a pretty wide range of fruit and veg, have a flock of 25 chickens, and grow a small amount of biomass willow (for logs and other uses). We've also raised pigs and have experimented with polycultures, perennial veg, coppicing and foraging. We use organic, no dig methods, and leave large areas managed lightly, which has seen a big increase in the amount of wildlife on the site.

I currently run a small social enterprise, which provides training and support to people who have had a long break away from paid work (due to eg caring roles, health, unemployment) and want to return. I took part in a 12-month programme for new social enterprises run by the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), and I'm an SSE Fellow and a member of Social Enterprise UK. As part of this work, I'm training as a career guidance coach. Before this, I worked for various charities and trusts, on a range of programmes (including adult learning, and working with refugees). I've got quite a lot of experience writing grant proposals, if I can help anyone with that just let me know.

I did my PDC some years ago at the Apricot Centre organic farm in Essex. After a long gap, I'm keen to re-start my Diploma work (alongside everything else!) I'm especially interested in learning more about 'scaling up' eg regenerative farming/food systems, especially agroforestry, silvopasture etc. I'm also really interested in learning more about bringing permaculture into social enterprises and community projects. If anyone else is interested in sharing Diploma experiences or even setting up a 'guild', I'd love to hear from you! Lucy

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