Justin Robertshaw

I completed my PDC in February 2015 with Christian Shearer, Howard Story and Christian Carrow which was facilitated by the Mindfulness Project and hosted partly by them in Khon Kaen and also the Panya Project community near Chiang Mai in Thailand. I'm interested in offering my time to Permaculture projects in Southern Europe, South East Asia and Australia

I'm 42 years old and last year left a 20 year corporate career to concentrate my future time and effort in areas that hold more value to how I want to live my life going forwards.

I have a daily yoga practice and like to incorporate what I continue to learn about awareness, compassion and providing for others into my daily life so love being around like minded people who want to make a difference to society in a meaningful way.

I'm currently dividing my time between Europe, SE Asia, Australia an Bali, (deepening my daily yoga practice with my teachers along the way) and would welcome any opportunities to to volunteer some time on Permaculture projects to continue learning!!

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