Nenya Milne

Nenya Milne has started her permaculture journey in 2009 and did her PDC in 2012 with Patrick Whitefield at Ragmans Lane Farm. In 2014, she completed a Permaculture Educators’ course and started teaching permaculture in 2015 alongside James Chapman on the Edinburgh PDC. She also teaches forest gardening, sourdough bread-making, and making natural cosmetics.

Nenya also works as a gardener, promoting ecologically sensitive (and sensible) gardening practices, and offers permaculture-inspired garden design services. She is a keen plant enthusiast, with a particular passion for unusual edibles, perennial vegetables and ‘edimentals’. Nenya leads foraging walks and weed-cooking sessions, helps along on plant ID walks and plant science field courses she runs with her husband, botanist Richard Milne.

Nenya's most recent interests include soil biology and growing edible fungi. Nenya is currently working on her Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.

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07874 009790
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