Jan Martin

I'm an ecologist and experienced educator of adults. I have a MEd and a PhD in ecology and have worked as an ecologist in the charity sector, academia, publishing and as a civil servant. I achieved my permaculture diploma in 2014 and, although I am not a diploma tutor, I do offer technical tutorials to help apprentices, or any other permaculture designers, with ecological aspects of their designs: habitat creation, restoration and management; conservation; species, community and population ecology; agricultural ecology and more. My terms are the same as those for diploma tutors (currently £30 per hour) and I am available in person and via Skype/telephone. I often attend permaculture events, where I am available for tutorials and ecological consultation.
I am very interested in disseminating ideas about permaculture and sustainability to everyone - especially those not currently engaged with the idea. I achieve this through social media, which include a very active blog "The Snail of Happiness" and Twitter account @thesnailofhappy
Currently, my "day job" is as a freelance scientific editor.

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