James Reid - Main Profile

Permaculture has been a large part of my life since completing the Permaculture Design Course in 2003 with Australian teacher Robyn Francis of Djanbung Gardens, NSW.
With hands-on experience in diverse climate zones such as the sub-tropics, mediterranean and cold temperate areas, I've grown an insatiable passion and interest for Permaculture design and the lifestyle that comes with being steward to an area of land.

I live with my family on an 8 acre Permaculture smallholding, demonstration and education site based in rural Aberdeenshire, an area steeped in ancient history and agricultural traditions. Tap o’ Noth Farm is an official demonstration site for ScotLAND and the Permaculture Research Institute (AU). Tap o' Noth focuses on providing high quality courses in the fields of ecological design and restoration agriculture and creating a demonstrative and dynamic environment for practical, hands-on learning and reskilling in traditional crafts and homesteading techniques. By providing an informative and supportive learning environment Tap o’ Noth hopes to inspire and grow a healthy understanding and respect for sustainable land use, encouraging individuals and communities to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to make responsible, ethical and ecologically sound decisions within their own lives.

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