The hidden mill - Main Profile

Our place is a very special spot in the wilds of south west Scotland. We live on a magical small holding with woodland, rivers and pasture. We are a permaculture land centre of 15 very diverse acres. We grow food, manage woodland and develop our site by sustainable practises. We see ourselves primarily as an educational resource and want our volunteers to gain skills and knowledge during their time with us.

I'm obsessed with forest gardening and edible plants. We do a lot of gardening, harvesting and preserving all with a permaculture bent.

My partner makes machines and bicycles and often Involved in bigger art projects. He is driven by self empowerment through skills and tool use.

We accept 4 week volunteers on the land centre, getting involved in all our activities here, gardening, preserving and building. Sometimes when we all get along brilliantly and there is benefit for everyone we extend stays, 9 months is the record to date.

Whilst we are rural we have lots of amazing visitors and plenty of stimulation from our excellent and suprisingly diverse community.

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