Hannah Mole

I'm a permaculture teacher, designer, grower, farmer, community organiser, agitator, explorer.

I'm based in Roscommon in the mid-West of Ireland where I'm farming, building, growing, designing, organizing, living.

My interests are diverse! Permaculture for personal (& thus community) development,Compassionate farming,Permaculture health & wellness, Spontaneous people-led initiatives, Animal welfare, The wild!

My passion is life, animals and plants, anything breathing. Questioning the 'status quo' and following our true paths.

I did my PDC in the U.K with Designed Visions in 2009, while living and working on a permaculture farm in France. I've done an advance design course with them too, and a training of teachers course.
I was awarded a Permaculture diploma* in 2015.
I am a tutor for diploma apprentices.

*My diploma portfolio is online http://livingpermaculture.wix.com/livingpermaculture