Graham Wood

I've 2 acres in Cheshire known as Acres Wood where I experiment with the practical application of permaculture, and since 2014 I've been working full time as a Permaculture Designer in the domain of social resilience, building sustainability, and facilitating localised grass roots change.

For 20 years I'd been a Management Consultant specialising as a Business Process Architect and Projects Manager with expertise in Business Transformation, Business Process Re-engineering, and Sustainability projects in a wide range of sectors. Then in 2012 it was my 60th birthday and I started to think about what I'd do when retired from work. This got me to thinking about my life style and things I'd like to do with our land if I only had the time. Over the following 2 years there were several embryonic half baked ideas on what I'd like to do, but then in 2014 at a Transition event in Lancaster I met Rod Everett and was introduced to Permaculture, resulting in going a PDC and then getting onto my Diploma journey. The biggest grouping of my Diploma Designs are to do with my home base and the attached plot of land Acres Wood.

For me Permaculture can be seen as a tool-kit that you can use to make a positive difference to the world around you, and can use the best from many disciplines to achieve our aims, in that way I've successfully used the high tech through to "old country law" with good effect, just because I don't understand why and how it works does not stop me from using it.
So thinking in permaculture terms the localising of food is more than just increasing availability and shortening supply chains it should be about our own resilience from self-sufficiency as a local community across all elements of food production and consumption, and to include our fuel and water for the if and when major change occurs. I wanted to help build in sustainability and resilience to our local area so through the Transition Towns I've taken on the role of change agent, coach and mentor of small business start-ups, and project managing implementation of sustainability using permaculture methods.

I'm interested in helping people into "right livelihoods" and establishing local green businesses, also in integrating Aquaponics with permaculture and engaging young people in where food comes from and how they can grow their own in urban areas, so via Liverpool based URBANAG I teach on aquaponics courses. URBANAG are promoting Aquaponics as a viable solution to be used in urban agriculture and the drive to localise food production.

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