Ed Sears

I am the Chair of the Permaculture Association Research Advisory Board and an ex-trustee of the Association. My main interests are farming and research. I live at Earth Heart Housing Co-operative.

My day job is as a director of T4 Sustainability Ltd. We offer energy advice and install renewable energy, including solar PV, solar hot water, log and pellet boilers, heat pumps and rainwater harvesting. I am a trustee of Plants For A Future - we maintain an online database of all the useful temperate plants - around 7000 in total.

My academic connection is with the University of Exeter, where I am an Honorary Research Assistant in Professor Tim Lenton's Earth system science group. Tim used to work as James Lovelock's research assistant and co-wrote papers with him on Gaia theory (or Earth system science as it is now known) and Daisyworld. My remit is developing a published evidence base for permaculture, and I am also making the links between permaculture, Earth system science and sustainability science.

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