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If you would like to rent my cabin for two, situated on one and a half hectors of olive grove and newly planted fruit forest (not quite a forest at the moment) please see my website and email me on [email protected]

I live in Catalunya Spain with my two children; on a small olive farm, 'Finca Florecer'. We share our farm with a few pets; one dog, who's a little fat and lazy but ever so lovable and our two cats who are always willing to help in whatever way they can (usually by sitting on the object you want to use!).
We also raise chickens eggs.
Permaculture came to me via friends whom, seeing what I was trying to create and the ideal in which I was trying to live my life; suggested that I look into it and handed me a P.M. magazine to read. After not talking to them for the next couple of hours and being thoroughly engrossed, I was hooked. I have not looked back.
After doing my Introductory course at Brighton Permaculture Project in May 2009, I went on to do my P.D.C. at The Sustainability Center in October 2011 with the amazing Aranya. After enjoying all this so much I have spent the last two years studying for my Diploma, It's hard work but so essential to running a small holding in the way I want to do it, I am learning everyday.
On the farm I get a lot of help from my friends; but the help i appreciate most of all is my Wwoofers. Without their enthusiastic energy, optimism and shared knowledge, I would not have achieved all that I have so far, (or have been able to practice my permaculture spiel on them).
Food, Friends and Family are most important in my life and sharing them all is a must, this applies to permaculture. At the farm I rent our a wooden Cabin to holiday makers and hope to use it in the future for Permies who would like to come and experience Permaculture in practice in Spain. You are all welcome...

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0034 634105956